Material assistance for Ukrainians


Dear Ukrainian family

This initiative was created for all of you,
escaping to our country from war, by us – your Slovak family

There are many different organizations and charities here helping you every day, please contact them if you can. We decided to contribute, as there is still a lot to do and many ways we can help. While a lot of energy is being put into the help on the boarders and with accommodating people coming from Ukraine, families already accommodated or those who found place to stay need help, too. We are aware that you have packed only the most important and inevitable things with you and therefore many of you lack clothes, shoes, strollers, carriers, or toys for kids. We will try to give you a hand with getting closer to your everyday routine and help you to cover the upcoming days or weeks.

After you fill in the form, and if we find what you need, we will contact you. Most of these things are second hand gifts, we will make sure they get to you clean and sound. None of the doners will demand any kind of repay, they are all for free.

If you need to add anything specific to the form, you can do so in the last but one question.
(What else do you need? Що вам ще потрібно?)

About MafU

Barbora Yurkovic, a stylist and supporter of sensible fashion and an ecological way of life, a mother of two, is behind the initiative. Help in these times is something I consider natural, ethical and moral, and this initiative originated naturally, during the first days of the war. Initial aid is directed to borders, and women with children are already dependent on themselves. I started helping these women with my contacts, and for many requests for help, I made a form one evening, which my husband Matej gave the form of a simple website, and thus MAFU (Material assitance for Ukrainians) was created.

There is several organizations in Slovakia that provide various assistance, we decided to specify the assistance to those who already have accommodation and need regular material assistance. This initiative was also created to minimize the purchase of new items that have already been produced and can continue to serve to the full. Anyone can help. Thank you.

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IG @help_mafu