Helping Ukrainian families in Slovakia overcome the war

This initiative was founded by us, Slovak families, for those of you who came to our country displaced by the war.


June 1st, 2023

Dear friends! MafU ends

Your financial donation will allow us to continue

We have helped more than 2000 families and more 150 requests are asking for our attention.

Barbora Yurkovic
Mafu Founder

You will be redirected to the Donio donation payment gateway. Donio will forward 100 % of your donation.

I want to support MAFU differently

We are trying to give the Ukrainians the kind of helping hand we would hope for in their shoes

Materiálna pomoc.

Targeted material assistance to families

We connect specific donors with specific families.

Helping organisations

Various organisations and associations are on the front line helping families who are worst off. Our aim is to support them as much as possible.