Dear friends! MafU ends

Well, to be precise, the end is not definite for us - we are here to stay and ready to rise from our chairs again and help whenever we are needed. Our project of targeted and focused assistance to families fleeing war has been more than successful. A project that started in one family's living room has helped thousands more!

In a year and a half, we have managed to connect almost 3000 families from Ukraine who came to seek refuge in Slovakia with you, Slovak families.
We have managed to distribute targeted material and financial aid to other organizations and entities. We have distributed more than 30 tons of material aid in Slovakia. These are thousands more families we have helped. We also helped in Ukraine, where we managed to transfer 500 tonnes of medical supplies on demand.

And all of this THANK YOU!

Thanks to you we know that humanity and kindness are here. Thanks to you, we are all better off here.
THANK YOU for allowing us to help together with you.

Barbora, Matej, Michal, Lyuďka, Máška and others