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Christmas campaign - personalised gifts for refugees from Ukraine

Delight families who will be spending Christmas away from home together with MafU with Christmas presents

afu Vianocna kampan.

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This campaign was organized for mothers with children from Ukraine who fled the war and found temporary shelter in Slovakia. We want to comfort those who cannot spend Christmas in their home, with their loved ones. The Christmas holidays are an emotional time for these families, and we decided to make these moments more enjoyable for them with a personalized gift. Our team selected from our list families who not only cannot be with their loved ones, in their home, but also have a more difficult social situation. Based on their requests, we put together gifts for these families. Some of the gifts were represented thanks to donations from our partners:

  • Babyknights donated toys

  • Little Hipster shop, donated clothing and thermal boots

  • Jezko Run, donated winter boots, socks and school bags

  • Weleda, donated cosmetics for babies, kids and moms

  • Kaikai kids, donated muslin scarves

  • Mile, donated baby stockings

  • TheKitchen, donated kitchen and home accessories