Material assistance for families

Families fleeing the war in Ukraine managed to pack only a few essentials. Many of them are missing clothes, shoes, a stroller, or toys for the children, as well as hygiene products and common household equipment.

We help the most vulnerable. Help is provided to people who cannot get to the dispensaries in person (single mothers with several small children, sick people...), or need something specific that is not available in the dispensaries, or the dispensaries are not in their area.

A mother and her children can't carry much, and they can't take much more from detention centres or temporary accommodation to their new home than what they came with. Some families did not even take a stroller when they fled because it took up too much space in the car or did not fit on the bus. And so we often see women crossing the border with children in their arms.

After arriving in their new accommodation, families are confronted with the reality that they often lack the household equipment to cook. They lack clothes, of which they have taken only enough to last a few days. The children miss their childhood world - all the toys, books or bicycles left at home. We often encounter people who have not taken even the most necessary things, so it's happened already that we have sought donations for an insulin pump or a glucose metre.

How does it work?


The family in need fills out our form, indicating what they necessarily need.

Are you from Ukraine and are you interested in material assistance?

Fill in our form.


We will review the application as soon as possible, and our Ukrainian-speaking team members will contact the applicant for additional information as needed.

This process may take longer. It depends on our current workload. We also give importance to the quality of the completed application.


If the application is in order, we search for the donor in our internal donor database. If we don't find a suitable donor, we post it to the list of requests on this website and on Instagram, where thousands of potential donors follow us.


As soon as we find a suitable donor, we connect him/her with the applicant to agree on further details of the handover of material assistance.

Would you like to help families in need?

Choose a requesting family from our list that you want to help and follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with new requests.


If you don't feel like following up on family requests, you can let us know within the form what material assistance you can provide. We will get back to you after we have found a match with a family.

If you are from Ukraine...

...and you need material assistance, please feel free to fill in our application form.

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