About us

The MafU initiative was created to support families from Ukraine who fled the war and decided to stay in Slovakia.

Tím mafu.

We focus on targeted material assistance for specific families who found their temporary shelter in Slovakia.

We are the first and only online organisation that provides material assistance throughout Slovakia in a targeted, local and face-to-face manner. Donors come into personal contact with the family they decided to help.

We connect donors and help seekers from the same location, thus promoting social contact and reducing the negative environmental impact often caused by unnecessary transportation of items from one part of Slovakia to another.

Targeted and local assistance is important to us, as is making our aid sustainable, efficient and flexible.

How it all began

The initiative was founded within the first days of war by Barbora Yurkovic, a stylist, sustainable fashion and eco-friendly lifestyle supporter, who is also a mother of two little children.

After the outbreak of the war, all aid from NGOs as well as the state was directed to the borders. Women with children who left the border were left to fend for themselves. Barbora started to help these women via her contacts and through social networks.

The number of requests for help grew rapidly, so one evening she created an online form for applicants, which was turned into a simple website by Barbora's husband Matej.

Soon more and more people offered to provide help, among them Partner Liga, a consultancy company that has specialised in working with Ukrainian clients for years, with the aim of integrating them into life in Slovakia, and has employed people from Ukraine on a long-term basis. The war has affected not only their business, but it has affected them on a personal level, too, as most of the employees have family in Ukraine. 

We joined forces and expanded our team to include Ukrainian-speaking members, thus making our assistance more effective and creating a strong foundation for MafU.

What is MafU today

Targeted material assistance to families remains our main mission. Together, we have assisted more than 1000-1500 individual families and new requests still continue to come in. Organisations, shelters and collection centres also contact us. We are cooperating with organisations in Ukraine, helping cities, schools and hospitals, and we are sending medical supplies directly to the front lines. We have also been contacted by organisations, shelters and collection centres. Take a look at our projects and join us in helping families who are in a difficult situation caused by the war.

Who is behind the MafU initiative?

  • Barbora Yurkovic

  • Matej Gabriš

  • Michal Hudák

  • Lyudmila Mulyar

  • Lukáš Hošťák

  • Kamila Talarovič