Support us financially

Thank you for each and every financial support. It is only thanks to you that we can carry on.

Your financial donation will allow us to continue

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I want to support MAFU differently

We focus on material support for mothers with children, the sick or people with special needs, as well as support for people who do not have a humanitarian centre in their area.

We currently have five people actively working at MafU and a number of volunteers who selflessly help us in specific situations. We want to provide targeted material assistance to specific families, we want to provide it efficiently and help create meaningful social connections. To be able to do this, we need your financial help.

We receive more requests for help every day, we currently have more than 6500 donors, however we need to streamline our system so that we can match families faster and more efficiently outside of the social network.

What do we currently need finance for?

  • The work of operators who process families' requests for assistance and link them to donors.

  • The work of a project manager who provides assistance to organisations.

  • A system to keep track of donors and material aid so that we can allocate aid without the time constraints that the current system gives us (donors are reported by responding to the current request). The new system will allow us to contact a donor at any time to find out exactly what they can donate.

  • Redesigning the form for applicants and automated linking with donors. Improving the record keeping of the needs of aid applicants. 

  • Creating a system to streamline the work of operators.

  • Necessary costs associated with the operation of IT systems.

  • Organising/providing material and food aid to accommodation facilities and dispensing points.

  • Expanding the community of donors and applicants.