Our activities

Supply of humanitarian dispensaries and shelters

During the most critical months we supplied many dispensaries and hostels across Slovakia with food, cosmetics, clothing and other necessities.

Your financial donation will allow us to continue

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I want to support MAFU differently

We were able to do this thanks to the material support of our partners such as Berto, Schär, Dobré Jablká, Weleda and Mile, who helped us for months to supply the exposed humanitarian aid sites.

In addition to products from our partners, we were able to mobilize and direct hundreds of people who brought food aid along their axis.

Our help reached the following places:
- Sobrance, border crossing and surroundings
- CharitaTT
- Baterkáreň in Trnava
- St. Alžbety in Bratislava
- DobroMA in Malacky
- Hostel in Gabčíkov
- Hostel in Bernolákov on Lipova Street
- Dunajská Streda Veszelka
- ECAV Matejkova in Brezová pod Bradlom
- Hostel Dunajská Streda, Kútniky
- Humanitarian place of aid in Pezinok
- Study and Congress Centre Modra - Harmony of Comenius University
- Humanitarian aid site in Galanta
- Slovak-Ukrainian Information Centre
- Greek-Catholic Charity
- Hostel under the auspices of the Voluntary Fire Brigade
- Collegium in Prešov
and others